Brand Spotlight - Reformation
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Brand Spotlight – Reformation

May 21 2018

Brand Spotlight – Reformation

Hello guys and welcome back!


I think one of the main ways to learn about how to change your wardrobe into sustainability is to get educated. These days, there are so many brands out there who are doing amazing things! Once in a while, we will be introducing a new brand to you while describing their history, style and why we love them so much. Today, we will be focusing on Reformation which, as far as ethical fashion is concerned, is probably where you’ll want to start! I would say Reformation might be the most well-known and popular conscious fashion brand out there these days.



The brand started in 2009 and was created by Yael Aflalo a former model and SoCal native. At first, it started with only repurposing vintage garments and clothing found at flea markets, customizing them, and selling them. But in 2012, Reformation relaunched and became something much bigger. They turned into a 100% eco-friendly brand with a factory downtown Los Angeles. As well as the factory, they also have two stores in NYC and one in LA. By 2014, it had made more than $25 million in revenue and gained traction from eco-minded celebrities. Those include Taylor Swift, Rihanna and investor, Karlie Kloss.


Why we love them:

Now, they do not hesitate to showcase on their website how they produce their collections in their factory downtown. The limited-edition ones that is. For the rest, they make sure their clothing and accessories are manufactured by factories in the US. If they’re not, they will be made abroad using sustainable garments and processes.


As well as paying attention to the way their clothes are made and who makes them, they also make sure they minimize their waste, energy footprint and water too. If you are slightly skeptical and want to have more information on how they manage that and calculate it, you can check out their website and see for yourself, the results are quite impressive!


If all of that didn’t already make you fall in love with the brand, they also want to make sure you know who made your clothes and are paying attention to how their workers are treated, paid and the benefits they get. So much so that they offer to take people on factory tours every first Friday of the month! You can check out their work for yourselves, maybe talk to some employees and really get a feel of why they love their work and company so much. If that is something that would be of interest to you, you can inquire a tour by doing so here.


They also took the time to make short videos about some of the employees working in their factory that you can find on the same page. This probably makes them even more lovable than they already are!


Those are the many reasons why here, at Native Styling, we love Reformation so much. But we wouldn’t be us if we weren’t also talking about the amazing style they showcase throughout every collection they put out!



They have a very feminine, very Southern Californian vibe to them, with a pinch of boho, a dash of casual and a whole lot of pieces that are comfortable, versatile and will last you forever! Let’s show you how it’s done!

So here are our 5 favorite pieces from their brand new collection. Those pieces are currently available in stores and on their website!


Bellflower Dress – $218

Doen Lulu Sweater – $248

Pippa Top – $128

Harley Jean – $148

Shearling Jacket – $178


What did you think of the brand? Would you ever purchase some of their pieces? Or maybe you already have? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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