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Ask For Transparency

Jun 04 2018

Ask For Transparency



It is time to introduce a new type of posts that we will be publishing once in a while: showing you a quick ethical tip that you can start implementing right away. The goal of this is to help you change your habits and practices to slowly transitioning to a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe – and life! Sometimes it will be hot topics, something that might be in the latest news, and sometimes, like today, it will be more general tips that can work anywhere, anytime. Since this is the first of many, we thought it would be more appropriate to start with the basics!


If we are starting with simple tips into making the first changes, it only seems natural to think about where everything begins. Before the shopping of new clothes, before the purging of your closet, before looking at the tags, the fabrics, the brands…It all starts it questions. It all starts sitting at your computer or visiting your local stores and brands. The best way to start? Asking for Transparency.


When talking about being transparent with customers, the line can get pretty blurry. We’re going to be blunt: most sales people you will ask this question to won’t know the answer, some will lie. Sometimes, it will be very hard to find the right email address or phone number and talk to the person who is responsible for making those decisions. Sometimes brands won’t want to tell you what they are doing to your clothes behind closed doors. But it is extremely important that you keep asking yourself, and brands that you love: how were my clothes made, where and by whom?


Why you ask? Zero transparency is the core reason why huge corporations feel like they don’t owe anyone anything, and that they can keep exploiting lives however they wish to. Zero transparency is also the reason why tragedies like Rana Plaza happened, and why it seems the industry still hasn’t learnt from that. If we ask our favorite brands for transparency, we could prevent disasters from happening. We need to be able to say “this brand respects their workers and offer fair wages” or “they have amazing environmental practices.


That is exactly what the company and movement Fashion Revolution, which started in 2013, is trying to do by asking the famous question “Who Made My Clothes?”. They have been trying to create a massive change and are really getting heard all over the world, and people or companies have been coming out with signs showing who made their clothes. Workers also have been taking pictures showing their faces to their customers and creating some much needed closeness in this industry.


If you want to start paying attention and start making ethical fashion decisions, this is where it all starts; with a simple question. Most of the time, you will not get answers from brands through their tag only. You will need to ask. But also, sometimes, you could get a really great story out of it! That’s why here, at Native Styling, we love asking brands for their strong stories before offering the option to our customers. So many of them have a lot of things to say about the manufacturing process or their purpose so next time, do not hesitate to ask!


What is your biggest take on this tip? Have you already started asking yourself and brands those simple but oh-so-important questions? Let us know below!

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