Through a Stylist’s Eye : Office Ready
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Through a Stylist’s Eye : Office Ready

Jun 11 2018

Through a Stylist’s Eye : Office Ready

Hello again! Welcome to yet another new series: Through a Stylist’s Eye!


Since this company is not only about the ethical side of things but also a styling and shopping company, it is equally as important to share with you tips and tricks on how you can style yourself – or others – in an ethical manner! Sometimes it will be about basic styling tips, sometimes about insider information on what it is like to work in this industry; sometimes we will talk about new trends, and sometimes it could be a series of outfits for specific reasons (like today)!


The first article of this series will be focused on the place we spend more time at than home: the office! Tough realizing that we probably spend more time with our cubicle neighbor than with our family; but it also shows you how dressing for your workplace is a huge part of your life. That means it is truly important to have some options on what to wear when going to the office!


This article will feature some of our favorite brands and pieces to use as a stylist, that will be perfect for each type of worker that you might be! Every one will have a different want and need for their work wardrobe, but this is a good start.


Also, these will only showcase women’s outfits for now since there are so many options but if you guys out there also want a men’s edition, we would be more than happy to provide that for you!


We included a mix of different brands – you might know some, you might not – this is also a great starting point if you are trying to know more ethical brands and don’t know where to start! So without further ado, here are our 5 go-to office outfits of the season!


Sorry, I’m on a call


Top, Skirt, Shoes, Earrings


Are we ready for lunch?

Top, Jeans, Jacket, Shoes, Necklace


No problem, I’ll get it done

Dress, Jacket, Belt Bag, Shoes


I have to go on a business trip

Top, Pants, Shoes, Bag


He already knows the deadline

Blouse, Skirt, Blazer, Earrings, Watch

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