How-To: Purging Your Closet - new blog post by Native Styling!
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How-To: Purging Your Closet

Jun 25 2018

How-To: Purging Your Closet

Hello, and welcome to another Monday post here at Native Styling!

Some of the common questions we get are: what does having a conscious wardrobe mean? Do all my clothes need to be eco-friendly? Does that mean I don’t “qualify” because I only own fast-fashion clothing?


Today, we will try to give you some clarity on that and give you tips on purging your closet!


First and foremost…


Don’t put so much pressure on yourself – and your wardrobe! Consciousness also comes from a place of help and “what feels right to you”. If you decided to make the decision of being more careful – you are already taking the right first step!! Pat yourself on the back and let’s see what you can do without even leaving your house.

One of the easiest things is to do is probably to take a shopping trip into your own closet and do what fashion buyers do: what can we keep for next season, what has to go and are we introducing any new items?


What do we keep?


Let’s start with the obvious: what we can keep for next season. There are things that you love, there are things that you need and there’s the in-between. The best way to start this part of the process is to be completely honest with yourself: Do you need 10 different little black dresses? No; if you wear them all the time, you should maybe keep 3, but don’t go and flood your closet with them. Not a huge fan of sweaters so you want to give away the only one you have? Then again, not such a great idea. It’s good to be prepared for any weather conditions so keeping at least 1 of every staple is a good way to start off your new closet organization!


Of course, everything will mostly depend on your job, your main activities and the style you have and want to keep. There are pieces you might need more than other people might, and that is totally ok! Same goes with pieces that have to leave your closet. 


What has to go?


Unfortunately, if you want to make some changes, you will not be able to keep everything you currently have. Think about donating or recycling pieces that are whether too damaged, that you have too many of, or that don’t fit with your current lifestyle.


This part of the process is usually pretty fun and makes you feel so much lighter, brand new and ready for anything. But please, make sure to keep it 100% conscious and do not throw away anything that could have a second life or that could be given to someone who will truly love it. If you have no idea on how to do either of those things, feel free to email us and we will gladly send you a list of how your items could be recycled for the better!


New items?


Last but not least is introducing new items. You may not have a current need for this step just yet; which is perfectly fine. Make sure to come back to this article once you do! But if there are staples missing in your closet or pieces you’ve been eyeing for weeks, now is the time to go do some conscious shopping! If you need help in that department, make sure to ask us about our services and we will be happy to help!


What did you think of those tips on how to purge your closet? Will it guide you through the new season? Leave your answer in the comments below!


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