Turn Back Time - Where Sustainable Fashion Was 10 Years Ago
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Turn Back Time – Where Sustainable Fashion Was 10 Years Ago

Sep 24 2018

Turn Back Time – Where Sustainable Fashion Was 10 Years Ago

Hello and welcome back!


Sustainable fashion has been around for a long, long time. The movement was almost automatically created when fast fashion hit the ground running in the 80’s. People wanted to keep making clothes the way they were made before that and sustain in time. If you need a refresher on what sustainable fashion is, click here. That being said, it has grown a lot since and evolved into something much bigger than “hippie clothes for people who care”.


We actually believe that now, the movement is bigger than ever with high hopes of tipping over and being spread around the entire industry fairly soon. Big and small companies are taking new sustainability steps every single day which makes us extremely happy. It seems like boarded a train that cannot and will not be stopped now.


However, it is really good to take a step back once in a while and realize that it wasn’t always this easy to find online information about it. Brands were not as popular and rarer, it was hard finding any facts about fabrics without making garments yourself, and readers had a really hard time getting educated. We have so many great resources these days, and many companies doing amazing things that it is strange to realize that even just ten years ago, everything was completely different.


But it doesn’t mean people weren’t also trying to write about it or find information! That is why today, we bring you a list of websites, brands, companies, institutions who just ten years ago, were already so ahead of the curve. It is amazing to see that people were already talking about it and writing about it, trying to find as much information as possible. In a way, not much has changed. But in other ways, we realize that just 10 little years ago – which is very recent – there was almost no information around on sustainable fashion. Also, we are sure the people who wrote these articles then are proud to see where the industry is going now.


So here are ten screenshots to help us realize where sustainable fashion was 10 years ago!:


1. Ethical Fashions:


This online clothing boutique used to sell from a large array of sustainable brands, some of them are still around like Carol Young and Patagonia. We love the straight to the point, bold choice of words when trying to draw consumers in!



2. The Discerning Brute:


Believe it or not, this ethical blog used to be written for men! A very rare occurrence, even to this day, as men do not tend to be as into sustainable fashion and goods as women are. Nonetheless, we love reading this 2008 article about skateboards!



3. Emmie Jay:


It is amazing to notice the first moment a person realizes their fashion habits cannot stay the same if they start caring about our planet. This blog piece is so honest and represents a time we’ve all been through!


4. Ethical Fashionista:


These articles are actually a little over 10 years old, but it seems like they could have been written yesterday. This writer was really ahead of her time dealing with vegan made accessories!


5. Ethical Fashion Days:


Not a blog or online magazine, however, this Swiss website presents this free, 3-day event around Ethical Fashion with designer contests, jewelry and even natural beauty brands present. The best part is that it lead to people creating their own event, very similar to this one, like Slow Design & Fashion Days that still exists to this day.


6. Outsapop Trashion:


Even though this website talks more about Steampunk style, we can admire the desire to make it secondhanded and how DIY-heavy this website is. We also love the use of Etsy for items, even 10 years ago.



7. Mücke:


This Australian brand with a really strong artistic concept was proud to present their recycled silk garment and show how they can transform a men’s shirt into a women’s dress.


8. Arboretum Apparel:


This California-based brand wanted to celebrate another company making ethical efforts in 2008: Melissa Shoes. 10 years later, Melissa is definitely still around with a pop up that just ended on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Amazing on this brand to shine a light on companies making great products!


9. 4-rth:


Another California-based brand showcasing products that are 100% made in Los Angeles. Since then, the brand has moved to yoga and athleisure garments but is still most definitely around!


10. Fashion Conscious:


This website showcases an exhibit that took place 10 years ago, at UC Davis. Props to this design professor and this author/designer for creating change at a big university, even back then!


All links were taken through


What did you think of these 10-year-old articles found online? Do you think the industry has changed much since? How so?

Comment below!

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