Sustainable Fashion Best Ressources To Get Started by Native Styling
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Sustainable Fashion: Best Resources To Get Started

Oct 01 2018

Sustainable Fashion: Best Resources To Get Started

Hello and welcome back to Native Styling!


Have you ever wondered how you can get started on learning more? Sustainable fashion is such a broad term, as we explained a few weeks ago. People often get confused as to what it actually means or what it involves.

If you are intrigued about sustainable fashion, you might be wondering: how can I learn more? Where can I find some information? What books to read? Shows to watch? We recently shared a list of podcasts we love to listen to, some about sustainable fashion. Podcasts are a great way to start but there are also many other resources you could use.


Well today, we bring you a list that we think is going to be extremely useful when it comes to getting more educated on the matter.


1.The True Cost:


The True Cost was created after the conclusion most people came to when hearing about the 2013 Rana Plaza tragedy. Now, we almost want to call it the Bible given how many people started to care thanks to this amazing documentary. It showcases all the different issues that englobe the fashion industry so well: pollution, modern slavery, illnesses, materialism… But it also shows companies and people actively trying to change the industry from the inside such as People Tree or Livia Firth. Most definitely a must watch!


2. Fashion Revolution:


Also started after the Rana Plaza collapse, Fashion Revolution is a movement and organization pushing people to ask themselves: Who made your clothes? One of the key ingredients in realizing how the industry works and what it’s doing to people is to take a step back and realize: who is at the end of the manufacturing chain? Who is paying the price for the cheap clothes I am wearing?


3. Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion:


This book is very well written and insanely relatable. Elizabeth Cline used to be just like all of us and takes us through her journey of constantly buying into fast fashion, realizing what she was doing and making a true change and impact in her wardrobe. A must-read if you want to truly open your eyes on how you built your closet.


4. Slow Fashion:


Brought to you by Safia Miney, Founder of People Tree, Slow Fashion takes you through a sustainable fashion journey and its leading people. If you need to learn about who is trying to make a change in the industry, who to know and learn from, this book is perfect for you!


5. Good On You:


Good On You is probably the best app you can download on your phone right now! It gathers all sorts of different clothing brands and gives them a rating based on how sustainable they truly are. This way, you are sure to know who you should and should not be shopping with!


What do you think of this list? Does it help you get started on your sustainable fashion journey? What kind of resources are you looking for next? Comment below!



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