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Welcome to Native Styling

Personal Styling with a purpose.
Jul 20 2017

Welcome to Native Styling

When looking at the Fashion Industry, it is very obvious that changes have to be made, especially if we look at how fast-fashion is created.


However, a lot of new brands are coming out with new ideas, products, visions that include basic human rights or help our environment in one way or another.
Believe it or not, even some higher-brands can have the same practices as fast-fashion brands and disregard certain aspects of their craftsmanship which, trust me, would shock you if you knew.
More and more of these brands’ practices are being put into the spotlight though, and we are slowly discovering how they can use harmful chemicals, for both you and the environment, in their clothes to lower their costs for example. Or how they employ young children that will work endless hours.


At Native Styling, we believe in focusing on brands that are willing to be part of the change.


Our services are made for your needs and budgets too! Whether you only want to wear brands that are eco-friendly, sustainable, locally made…or need to thrift and DIY your clothes because that’s what YOU care about; we will work with you on finding what you want your reflection to say when you look at yourself in the mirror or walk down the street.


You will be certain to enjoy a very exclusive service customized to your needs and wants, and will never be caught wearing the same clothes as anyone else!
Discover new, smaller brands you’ve never heard before, have access to new, exclusive styles and personal shopping services that are only available at Native Styling.


Help us help you by making a change in your wardrobe!



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