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Cliché Number One

Jul 27 2017

Cliché Number One

Over the last few years, we have been hearing all sorts of different clichés about eco-friendly or sustainable fashion.

The main thing people seem to talk about when it comes to this niche of the Fashion Industry is: “too many basics, not enough fashion pieces”. One of the main rules of styling and keeping a balanced wardrobe in general is to have some basics as well as statement pieces that might be more bold or fun to wear.

It makes sense that people assume the cuts and mainly colors are basic.


If you consider the fact that it takes a lot more effort and dye to color a fabric black or bright red for example, it’s understandable that companies choose to stay closer to natural fabric colors. Cotton, for example, is one fabric that comes in many different colors like light green, brown, beige and obviously white. For brands who want to stand for their eco-friendly values and minimize the dyeing process, they might choose to create basics only and within that color range or similar.


However, more and more brands are coming out with interesting collections full of statement pieces.


It’s become more known to the world that we have to be careful about our clothes-making practices, the Fashion Industry being in the top 5 industries in the world. So many brands have been coming out, even just in the last year, with interesting angles like Made in – (insert name of your city here); supporting certain charities, making sure workers have rights and privileges…etc. Companies and people in general are starting to understand and seeing the value in going this route.


So let your wardrobe grow with you and the industry! Native Styling would be more than happy to help! 🙂


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