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How I Can Make A Change

Jul 28 2017

How I Can Make A Change

You are here? Amazing! You decided to make a change? Great! Now, where to start.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed after deciding you wouldn’t be shopping at major retailers anymore, and giving into these common practices that are so familiar to us as well as giving more money to the wrong people. Whether you chose to make this decision because of harmful chemicals for your health or other people’s, or because you wanted more environmental friendly fabrics, or simply want to DIY your clothes more. Whatever it is, this article will help you start fresh and de-clutter the mess!


1- Look deep into your closet:


Consider everything that you currently own and do your research on the pieces that your have. Take your time looking at every single tag, reading where it was made, what fabrics and chemicals were used…Chances are, you already own pieces that fit your new requirements!


2- Make a pile of what needs to go:


You can decide to do whatever you want with this pile, there are so many ways you can go about separating from those pieces. You could sell them online, give them to your friends and family, even throw them in recyclable trash cans if your neighborhood provides ones for fabrics. However, our preferred method is to give them away to charity and thrift stores like Goodwill for example, because you will most likely make someone very happy with your donations.


3- Organize what you have now:


Now that your closet is a little decluttered, the next and most obvious step is to organize it so you can know and see what’s missing. How you do that is totally up to your preferences, but if you need some examples, you can choose to organize it by category (jackets/coats, tops, bottoms, accessories…) or by color.


4- Make a list of what’s needed:


It’s obvious that after making such a change, you will need to purchase – or thrift – some new clothing and accessories to fill your new and improved wardrobe! Make a list of what is missing in your closet; depending on what you are used to purchasing, it could really be anything: do you need more basics? More pants? More classic tops? More fun dresses? More hats? Assess what you need to buy before you even step foot outside!


5- Create a capsule collection:


Once you have made the change and purchased some new products to incorporate into your new wardrobe, you could be ready to make a capsule collection! Capsule collections are a great way to live a more minimalist lifestyle, and even though they might not be for everyone, they are a great option into a new and improved fashion life; especially if you don’t know how to take your wardrobe to the next level!


If you still feel like you could use some help or do not want to take care of those steps on your own, shoot us an email!


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