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A Mindful Fourth of July + Styling Guide

Jul 02 2018

A Mindful Fourth of July + Styling Guide

Hello and welcome to this new week and therefore new post on Native Styling!


With the Fourth of July being right around the corner (literally, 2 days from now), we thought it would be appropriate to give you guys a little styling guide for help! We’re hoping you will find some inspiration while we show you our favorite pieces to shop for and rock on this legendary holiday. Obviously, we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t promote sustainability so this recap will only feature ethically-made brands or other alternatives to spend a perfect Fourth of July.


Before we get into clothing, we also wanted to remind you guys that there are a lot of different ways you could spend a less wasteful Fourth of July, not just by improving your outfit. I am sure you can already picture it: the barbecue, the beach…It sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

What we seem to forget, however, is that this holiday often rhymes with plastic, with trash hitting the beach and eventually the ocean and just a lot of waste in general.



Here are our to go tips to spend an all-around mindful Fourth of July:





  • If possible, please use regular silverware and dinnerware instead of anything that’s plastic. Recyclable items are a good first step, but remember that it still forces recycling if you’re not planning on re-using them in the future, and who knows how truly recycled they will get. Try to just bring your kitchen with you wherever you go, put everything in a container and do the dishes when you get home. It takes a little bit more effort but it is so worth it!




  • Speaking of plastic, we know this one is a very obvious one but we should still mention it: do not throw anything away on the ground, use trash cans. Especially if you are planning on having your gathering on the beach, so much trash can get into the ocean which impacts wildlife and could even impact you later on, if you decide to eat fish. Plastic and other waste are constantly eaten by fish and we may end up eating small particles of that plastic ourselves.




  • When buying meat, veggies or other things to grill, try to buy good quality, and local. You will support small butchers and businesses this way. And as a result, small butchers are often more inclined to give you your items in the reusable containers you might decide to bring, unlike grocery stores that will automatically give you plastic wrappers and bags.




  • Finally, try to keep all containers reusable: do not store food in containers that you will be throwing away, but instead put everything in reusable containers or glass jars for drinks. You and your guests can then bring leftovers home, and if there is any food left that no one will eat, try to turn it into compost material!


I hope at least some of these tips will be useful to you guys, let us know in the comments below if you decided to try some of them!

Now, onto the fun stuff!


Here is our go-to styling guide for this year’s Fourth of July:


This is a list of our favorite items that you can rock during this holiday, you will find a direct link to each item at the bottom of every picture.

And remember, this is all about creativity so have fun with it!


Christy Dawn – The Azelea Dress


Raven + Lili – Bree Stone Necklace


All The Wild Roses – Vintage Cotton Blouse


Triarchy – Repurposed Denim and Linen Pants


Everlane – The Bridge Sandal


Gala Maar – Oh Margot! One Piece

Feed – Joni Whipstitch Bag

People Tree – V&A Grafton Frill Shirt

Reformation – Macgraw Crop


Fortress of Inca – Victoria Naya


Does this guide give you a better idea of what you might wear for Fourth of July? What is your favorite piece?

Let us know in the comments below and enjoy your holiday!

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