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How To Travel Consciously

Jul 09 2018

How To Travel Consciously

Hey guys and welcome back!


The summer season is in full swing, warmth is in the air. That means you guys will most likely be taking some time off soon and go explore amazing places. Today, you will learn a few key tips on how to travel consciously and be more mindful while on the go!


Mode of Transportation:


Are you flying?


The first and maybe very obvious thing to do when flying to a cool destination is to not print your boarding pass. Instead, make sure you download it on your phone when possible, or ask an agent how you can just have an e-boarding pass. Also, if there is a way for you to get to your destination in one trip, please consider doing so. Fuel is very polluting and a lot is necessary for takeoff and landing. For even more mindful individuals, consider bringing an empty reusable bottle instead of buying one at the duty-free!


Are you driving?


If you do not already own a hybrid or electric vehicle, consider renting one. The smaller the car, the better since there is less consumption. If you choose to use your own car and it is not already a hybrid or an electric one, do your best to keep it effective. Change your oil and inflate your tires before you leave which will help with fuel consumption!


Open to other possibilities?


Flying or driving are not the only two modes of going anywhere, which we tend to forget in this day and age. As well as being very cost-effective, taking the bus, for example, will allow you to rest and of course, is like a giant carpool experience and much more environmentally friendly! Taking the train is also amazing and helps you see landscapes you would not otherwise be able to see since railroads were built where roads cannot go! It is not as cheap but definitely worth it.




The luggage:


Before starting to think about what to bring with you and put in your suitcase or bag, let’s try and find the best piece of luggage for your needs. If you already own a suitcase or a bag, we simply advise to skip this step as the most ethical way to travel is to reuse what you have. You can also hunt a cool trunk or vintage suitcase at yard sales around your area. That could be time-consuming but so worth it! Now, if you absolutely need new luggage, here is our quick selection from ethical brands. 1 2 3 4 5 6.


What’s in my bag?


Now, when it comes to actually packing your luggage, here are our recommendations. The main thing is to not pack too much, take only what you need and ideally, create a small capsule collection for however many days you will be staying. If you need help with that or want a fully pre-packed suitcase, you can request us to do that here. Also, try to make sure you are using reusable containers when it comes to toiletries and, once again, only bringing what’s needed. If you’re staying at a hotel or Airbnb, simply use what is already provided!


Other useful tips:




We’ve already said it here last week, as well as above for toiletries, but reusing containers that you already own is super important. It’s a really easy step to take, and in fact, reusing can also be applied to tools, clothes and many other things as well!




Another really important step is to make sure you have turned everything off in your home, and are not using anything while you are away. In the same manner, make sure that you turn the lights off when not using a room wherever you will be staying. If you have a host, they will also be very grateful! Remember to do with same with other electronic devices and appliances.




Last but not least, make sure you are supporting the local economy of the place you will be visiting. It is especially true for places that are not as fortunate as where you normally live, but it is just generally very kind, mindful and interesting to buy into your local economy. So go to small businesses and restaurants and support them that way!



What is your take on how to travel consciously? Will you be applying those steps? Do you have any other tips you like to use?


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