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The Thrifting Debate

Jul 23 2018

The Thrifting Debate

Hi guys and welcome once again to a new Native Styling post!


You must be wondering what kind of a title this is…The Thrifting Debate. Sounds mysterious right? Good! Because we think that the issue is also a mystery.


Let me explain: a lot of people thrift. Some see it as a game, some love cheap and good finds, some want unique pieces. We all have our reasons for wanting to go thrift shopping.


But you also have the opposite side, the people who will never be able to thrift. Why? Because some think the products are dirty, some don’t like imagining the previous life their “new” garment had or simply because some can’t get over the slight attic smell out of their brains.


Thrifting clichés:


Yes, because that is what they are. Clichés.


  1. Thrift stores have a smell to them, they smell old, like my Grandmother’s closet.
  2. Since pieces are so old, they’re dirty and I will need to take 3 showers when I get home.
  3. There are too many products, I won’t find anything.
  4. Everything is worn out and out of style, I don’t want to look like I’m in a Halloween costume.
  5. I’m better than that, I need high-end products and also, clothes that are worthy to go to work in.


So, why go?:


Well, you may think all of these statements are true. And honestly, we haven’t been to every single thrift store in the country (really?!), some of them might do a terrible job, have an awful selection, smell bad…But that’s also why we’re here and can do a full selection for you if interested! Regardless, here is the counter reasons why we think thrifting is amazing!


  1. Some thrift stores do smell. But you know what, some people like it! It brings back memories or reminds them of something they love. Also, there are definitely thrift stores that don’t smell at all!
  2. If you think buying new garments isn’t dirty…you’re in for a ride! Most brands and stores do not wash their clothes before selling them. They come straight from a factory, are full of dyes and were handled by a LOT of different people. You’re always the one who will have to wash every piece of clothing you bring home, that’s kind of your job as new garment owner!
  3. Ohhhh but trying to find products is half the fun. Finding this diamond (sometimes in the raw) after looking for so long next to a pile of trash is one of the best feelings in the world. Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Treasure Island, but better.
  4. Thrift stores will generally only put items that are trendy and in-season on the racks. Not everything that is donated makes it to the store, even if they bought it from you. And we have seen countless garments that still had tags on and were basically brand new!
  5. Once again, a lot of pieces thrift stores sell are new. They’re in it to make money. They also all have a high-end section, most of the time located in locked closets behind the register. You will most 100% find pieces that are office-worthy at a good thrift store.


Also, last but not least: Thrifting and buying secondhand is the BEST way to reduce waste and make sure those garments don’t end up in landfills! Upcycling is also a great way to do so. But by thrifting, you save the planet while finding unique pieces that would be really expensive otherwise, but you almost spent no money on it. Can you tell us what could be better than that?!


Which team are you? Are you a pro thrifter or no-go thrifter? Let us know in the comments below!


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