How To Make Any Outfit Stand Out by Native Styling
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How To Make Any Outfit Stand Out

Jul 30 2018

How To Make Any Outfit Stand Out

Hi and welcome back!
We will be tackling a much broader styling issue today, which doesn’t just apply to sustainable fashion but fashion in general.


If you’re a little afraid of creating outfits and think you mostly have plain pieces, this is for you. Of course, don’t take these “rules” too seriously, you can wear anything you’d like if styled correctly. They are just guidelines to get you started!

Know your body


So the first step in creating outfits that are going to stand out is actually knowing what you “should” and “shouldn’t wear”. Starting with your body type: do you know what your body type is? As people, we are like clothes and come in different shapes and sizes, all equally as beautiful! So do you think you would be more of an Hourglass, a Triangle, an Inverted Triangle, an Oval or a Rectangle? Do you tend to be more straight or curvy? Are you petite, average or tall? Once you will have figured all of that out, it will be much easier for you to dress for success and to figure out patterns and shapes that you could be wearing.

Find your colors


The second and logical step will be to find what colors suit your undertones and also the ones that you should avoid. Depending on the light you are in, the colors you wear can reflect differently on your face. For warm skin undertones, you should try to wear shades of yellow, orange/peach and brown. If you have cool skin undertones, try different shades of pink, red or blue. There is also a psychological aspect to the colors you wear. For example, red means confidence, green means calm and white means purity. Now, with all this information, you should be able to start building your awesome wardrobe!

Mix it up


Now, let’s get into the fun stuff! Whenever you’re shopping for a new piece of clothing, you should always try to figure out if it can be used for different outfits or not, before actually going through with your purchase. Obviously, if you’re trying to find a formal gown, it might be harder to try and create different outfits with it. But you should always have that in mind when shopping: can it be repurposed? As for the pieces you already have in your closet and don’t want to throw away just yet, reinvent them as much as possible instead of always wearing them in the same outfit! For example, if you own or buy a white tank top, you could wear it with a high-waisted maxi skirt, dress it down by wearing it with boyfriend jeans, or dress it up and pair it with a blazer, peplum skirt and pumps.

Prints & solids


The best way to make any outfit stand out is by wearing different prints. You could just wear a statement piece like a leopard t-shirt and keep the rest of your outfit simple with neutral tones. Or if you feel bolder, you can try to mix prints together by wearing a black and white striped crop top with a floral skirt for example. If patterns are too much for you, you could try to wear one solid color instead. So say you have warm undertones, you could do a “white tank top + jeans + orange blazer + nude pumps” outfit!

Wear accessories


Another great way to effortlessly make an outfit stand out is simply by adding accessories. You could be wearing jewelry – add a statement necklace, or if you want to be trendy, jump on the ring stacking bandwagon. Wearing accessories could also mean wearing all neutrals with a bold pair of shoes, or even carrying around a more personal item like a colorful notebook or a vintage pouch. Basically, the purpose is to focus the attention on one particular item you would like to highlight.



Finally, one of my personal favorite ways to spice up an outfit and to make it stand out is to go for a monochrome look. Now, be careful, I am not necessarily talking about bringing that whole Britney + Justin jean debacle – you know what I’m talking about! However, you can still rock the show with any color. Like, for example, you could pair a hot pink lacy top with a baby pink midi skirt and powdered pink pumps. If you want to stay on the neutral side, try a gray or nude monochrome look. The only type of monochrome look you should try to stay away from is all black. Trust me, I get it, we all love our neutrals, and black is my number one love but it definitely won’t make you stand out as much as other colors will. If you want to wear black, then try to add pops of color here and there!


I hope those tips were helpful and that you are on your way to a killer wardrobe! What is the one thing you think that will help you stand out? Are you afraid of wearing a particular piece because you think it is too “out there”? Comment down below!

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