World Humanitarian Day by Native Styling
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World Humanitarian Day

Aug 13 2018

World Humanitarian Day

Hello and welcome again to a new Native Styling post!


Today, we will pay a tribute for a good cause: World Humanitarian Day, which is coming this Sunday, August 19th.


On a larger scale, World Humanitarian Day was a day created to honor those who keep fighting for aid workers who risk their lives helping others every day, and for the victims who lost their lives in awful tragedies.


So many populations today are food and water deprived, struggling to find shelter when needed and are constantly fighting for their lives. Something that, if you are able to read this article and are like us, do not know what it’s like.


For the fashion industry, we see it as honoring the people involved in tragedies such as Rana Plaza that killed 1,134 people. We want to keep working on better work conditions for garment workers and fight for them to earn more. Also, we want to fight for them not to be forced to inhale or drink toxic chemicals coming from their polluted water. We just want better.


This year’s UN campaign is called Not A Target, which fits so well into what was said above. They advertise that “Civilians are not targets”. This is such a huge reason why Native Styling was created in the first place. To promote brands who do NOT put people – people, humans, just like you and I – into a position of such weakness, they become targets.
It should not be allowed to turn garment workers into victims when all they are trying to do is provide for their families and themselves. Just like you and I are.


So in the spirit of making this world a better one, and celebrating World Humanitarian Day, today, we challenge you. How, on your level, do you think you could help better someone’s life who might be in need? To finally turn them into a person and not a target? It could be volunteering for the day, it could be deciding to not shop fast fashion anymore… Now we ask you, what would YOU do?

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