Brand Spotlight - Amour Vert by Native Styling
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Brand Spotlight – Amour Vert

Sep 10 2018

Brand Spotlight – Amour Vert

Hi guys and welcome back!


It’s been a while since we introduced a new brand through our Brand Spotlight! So it was naturally time to extend your sustainable brand knowledge and present you: Amour Vert. Another leading brand in the sustainable fashion world, we will show you why Amour Vert is changing the industry, one dress at a time!



The brand was created by Linda Balti and Christoph Frehsee in 2011. Back then, the husband and wife combo worked in land mines, very, very far from the sustainable fashion world. When chilling on a beach in Peru, they came across an article mentioning the fashion industry as the 2nd biggest polluter after oil. Shocked by their discovery, they decided to get into environmental studies at Standford University and create their own label. Amour Vert has its headquarters in San Francisco and is now counting 4 locations in the Bay Area, as well as 2 in Southern California.


Why we love them:


It seems Amour Vert is really trying to hit all the right marks in order to be completely sustainable and fit into everyone’s category.

Since the brand first started with a disgust for how polluting the fashion industry was, that’s what they first focused on. They stayed away from toxic dyes, water waste and synthetic fabrics that have to be made with oil.

Therefore, they use new and more natural fabrics that are kind to the planet and not so polluting. Those fabrics are 100% their own, they are not used by other companies and go from Mulberry Silk to Beechwood Fabric, to their own certified Organic Cotton.


They also have a huge focus on how their garments are produced. Their supply chain and distribution channels have the lowest possible impact on the environment and, for that reason, remain local. The cutting takes place in Oakland, the garments are then sewn in 9 different factories around San Francisco. They even came up with a sustainable way of transporting their garments by using an empty truck that carried wine from Napa to LA only one way! What a clever idea!


Since it wouldn’t come full circle if they didn’t, they also ensure that every employee in each of those factories receive fair wages and treatment, and remain happy to work for Amour Vert!


You can find more information about their company by clicking “Our Story” on their website. But since we are here, we might as well talk about what we do best: style.




Amour Vert’s style is what we would qualify as very Californian. It has that casual vibe to it, but can also be extremely stylish while comfortable, and you can be ready for the office, or drinks at your favorite bar in no time! Their pieces are extremely versatile and will allow you to reuse them in many different outfits!


Their fall collection that just came out is very jewel-toned and it’s giving us all the feels. Check out our 5 favorite pieces below!


Marlene Pants in Camel

Femi Silk Dress in Napa Ditsy
which you can find in our Labor Day post from last week!


Remi Recycled Wool Cashmere Coat in Fawn


Renata Silk Blouse in Lake County Gold


Karlotta Fine Gauge Sweater in Darkest Spruce


What did you think about the brand? Are those pieces, clothes that you could wear on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments below!

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