Always Learning - 10 Podcasts We Love
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Always Learning – 10 Podcasts We Love

Sep 17 2018

Always Learning – 10 Podcasts We Love

Hi and welcome back to the Native Styling Blog!


Today, we wanted to share with you an important lesson when it comes to teaching something to other people.


Native Styling helps you find your perfect and sustainable wardrobe, it teaches you ways to style yourself and educates you on sustainability practices. That is 100% a form of teaching. But the hidden factor in teaching other people things that we know…is learning. We never stop learning and researching. About new brands, new practices, new influential people…even if you’re influential yourself!


It’s almost like it’s taboo to value yourself as an expert but to have to consistently be learning. Well, it shouldn’t, and it’s not the case here!


Podcasts have been around for a long, long time but only now seem to be getting more and more popular. Whether you are a new fan of podcasts or have been listening to them for a decade, this list is for you!


Here are our favorite podcasts to listen to, that spark our inspiration and give us advice that we sometimes clearly need!



       1. Conscious Chatter:


Probably the most well-known sustainable fashion podcast out there. Created by Kestrel Jenkins, the podcast focuses on where your clothes are made, by whom and why. You can expect in-depth interviews with Christy Dawn, Eileen Fisher, Mara Hoffman and Clare Press amongst many others.



       2. The Wardrobe Crisis:


Speaking of Clare Press, The Wardrobe Crisis is another sustainable fashion podcast that we consider a staple! Inspired by the book of the same name, Clare Press, Australian Vogue’s Sustainability Editor-at-Large, if you didn’t know, created The Wardrobe Crisis to inspire change within the fashion industry.


       3. LIBERTY Sessions:


Believe it or not, Nada Jones, as well as being a big inspiration, has also played a huge part in Native Styling being what it is today. So it’s only natural to include her podcast in this list! It focuses on woman entrepreneurship and talks about their journeys and marks on the world. If you’ve always dreamt of starting your own business but need inspiration, this one is for you!


       4. Layers:


Layers is a rather new podcast that focuses on style and is narrated by co-hosts Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and Ana Kinsella, and is produced by Lucy Dearlove. It uncovers truths, aspirations and historical facts about fashion, style, and the way women dress. If you need to be educated about style, this podcast is a great place to start!


       5. Pop Fashion:


Pop Fashion is the combination of Lisa Rowan, writer at The Penny Hoarder and vintage shop owner; and Kaarin Vembar, wardrobe stylist and retail writer. So it is only natural that the topics Pop Fashion discusses are mainly focused on fashion, retail, trends, but also business and the occasional cat talk.


       6. Unravel:


Unravel is 100% the podcast you need to listen to if Fashion History books bore you to death, but you absolutely want or need to learn about Mary Quant or Coco Chanel. Created by Jasmine Helm who’s a fashion scholar, Dana Goodin, a textile conservator and Joy Davis, a fashion and history scholar, Unravel will teach you ways your fashion history teacher knows nothing of.


       7. Raw Milk:


Far from fashion-related podcasts, Raw Milk is one of our favorites because of how well…raw…it is. There is no fluff, nothing hidden, everything is out in the open when you listen to Beth Kirby speak. This writer, cook, and photographer will teach you a thing or two with her podcast, whether it be about Instagram strategies, money management or mental health.


       8. Loose Threads:


Loose Threads is a podcast that will take your consumerism skills up a notch. If you need to get educated on consumer economy, entrepreneurship and growth strategies, listen to host Richie Siegel interview leaders in a way you’ve never heard before! And if you need specific expertise, Loose Threads also does consulting and will be able to teach you strategies for your own business.


       9. Spirit of 608:


Spirit of 608, as well as being a media agency created by Lorraine Sanders, is also a kick-ass podcast that englobes everything we love in this world. Fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech. Basically, everything to help you create a killer business in that field! The story behind the name however, is a rather long story you can read about right here.


       10. The Minimalists:


Last but really, really not least, this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the incredible Minimalist podcast! If you haven’t watched their documentary on Netflix, I would urge you to do so right now! Ex-corporate buffs Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus show you how to live your best life with less, how minimalism changed their lives and therefore, how it can change yours!


So, what did you think of this list of podcasts? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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